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Man on a Ledge

Cabin in
the Woods

Project X
Red Dawn
Hall Pass
I Am No.4 
New Moon Knocked Up Land of
the Lost

A More Complete List...

Project X Warner Bros.
Man on a Ledge Summit Ent. (Digital FX)
Hall Pass New Line (Digital FX)
I Am Number 4
Dreamworks (Digital FX)
Red Dawn
MGM (Digital FX)
Cabin in the Woods
MGM (Digital FX)
New Moon
Summit Entertainment (Digital FX)
Couples Retreat
Universal (Digital FX)
Land of the Lost
Universal (Digital FX)
Night at the Museum 2 20th Century Fox (Digital FX)
Public Enemies Universal (Digital FX)
Dragonball 20th Century Fox (Digital FX)
The Ghost of Girlfriends Past
Warner Bros. (Digital FX)
Four Christmases New Line (Digital FX)
Bone Detectives
Discovery/GRB Ent.(FX Super., DigitalFX)
Rush Hour 3 New Line (Digital FX)
The Pixar Story Leslie Iwerks Prod. (Digital FX)
Knocked Up Universal (FX Super., Digital FX)
Species 4
360 Pictures (Digital FX)
Blades of Glory
Dreamworks (Digital FX)
Fast and Furious 3 Universal (Digital FX)
Serenity Universal (Digital FX)
Dreamer Dreamworks   (FX Super., DigitalFX)
The Skeleton Key Universal   (FX Super., DigitalFX)
The Manchurian Candidate Paramount   (FX Super., Digital FX)
Van Helsing Universal   (Digital FX)
The Cat in the Hat Universal   (Digital FX)
The Rundown 
Universal   (FX Super., Digital FX)
Bruce Almighty Universal   (Digital FX)
The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer Disney/ABC   (FX Super., Digital FX)
Malibu's Most Wanted Warner Bros   (FX Super., Digital FX)
Gods and Generals Warner Bros   (Digital FX)
The Truth About Charlie Universal   (Digital FX)
Undercover Brother Universal   (Digital FX)
The Tuxedo Dreamworks   (Digital FX)
Big Fat Liar Universal   (FX Super., Digital FX)
Moulin Rouge 20th Century Fox  (Digital FX)
Frank McKlusky Disney    (FX Super., Digital FX)
American Pie 2 Universal   (Digital FX)
How High Universal    (FX Super., Digital FX)
Simone New Line   (Digital FX)
The Price of Glory New Line   (FX Super., Digital FX)
Josie & the Pussycats Universal   (Digital FX)
Adventures of Joe Dirt Columbia   (FX Super., Digital FX)
See Spot Run Warner Bros.   (FX Super., Digital FX)
Woman on Top 20th Century Fox  (Digital FX)
The Flintstones 2
Universal   (Digital FX)
Fifteen Minutes New Line   (Digital FX)
The Bachelor New Line   (Digital FX)
Muppets from Space Columbia   (DigitalFX, MoCo, VFX D.P.)
Love Letter Dreamworks   (Digital FX)
The Corruptor New Line   (Digital FX)
Drop  Dead Gorgeous New Line Cinema  (Digital FX)
Bride of Chucky Universal   (Digital FX)
Major League 3 Morgan Creek   (FX Super., Digital FX)
Fox / Paramount  (Digital FX & Animation)
Jackal Universal   (Digital Animation)
8 Heads in a Duffel Bag 
MPCA    (Digital Compositing & FX)
Kull the Conqueror
Universal   (Visual Effects Supervisor)
The Arrival 
Live Entertainment  (Effects D.P. / Digital FX)
Ellen's Energy Crisis Disney World Florida  (Supervision / Digital FX)
Universal   (Digital FX)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 New Line Cinema  (Visual FX Supervisor)
Honey, I Blew Up the Kid 
Disney     (Motion Control & Optical FX)
Lethal Weapon 3
Warner Bros.   (Main Title D.P.)
Mom and Dad Save the World
Warner Bros.   (Visual FX Supervision)
MGM/UA    (Visual FX & CG Displays)
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
Orion    (Visual FX, Storyboards)

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